Our Elevation Story…The BEST is Yet to Come!


Our Story

It’s exciting to be a part of such a MOVE of God in this era! It was back in 2011 where I (Carol) first heard of Elevation Church from a friend on Facebook. I researched and was intrigued, and told Marcus about it. We then heard they were having a 12 day revival the beginning of 2012 and that they would be broadcasting it. This was during a wilderness  season God had called us to. (You can read a brief synopsis about that season of our lives here.)

I was about 9 months pregnant, we had no job, and by faith we came up to Charlotte for an interview during that week. We were not able to attend the first night we were in town, but we did watch it online…The Bishop TD Jakes was the speaker that night. We decided that we would attend the Sunday morning experience, and James MacDonald was the guest. I was already convinced that when God moved us to Charlotte that Elevation would be our church, but Marcus wanted to attend first. After our VIP experience, I remember sitting beside him after we were lead to our seats and I looked over at him. As our eyes connected, I knew at that moment that he was on board. It was not necessarily the message we heard that day (Pastor Steven wasn’t even speaking), but we knew by the Spirit that God had called us here! We went back home with so much expectation and excitement, it gave us HOPE that we would be entering a new season soon.

Just the 4 of Us + GOD

Though we did not get that job that Marcus interviewed for then, we still knew that God had called us to Charlotte. Over the next few months were pretty difficult because of no job offers and becoming estranged to the family we were around everyday. My faith was shaken a bit, and it was beginning to seem that we would always be where we were…lack, no job, craziness, etc. All we had were each other and God…no friends, estranged family, no income.

HOPE in the midst of darkness

We continued to watch ElevationNetwork.com and called Elevation home. Then one day, Pastor asked Ken Hester to come to the stage and before they announced the name of the new campus they were going to launch, Marcus said “Gastonia”. Then they said, Gaston and so I looked up on the map to verify, and saw that Gastonia is in Gaston County. The Holy Spirit obviously spoke to Marcus and showed us what we were to be a part of.  We found out the launch info, and drove to Gastonia, NC with a toddler and 5 month old in tow…2.5 hours away. Still no income, but God was providing the gas we needed to get there and because I had signed up for rewards with a hotel chain in previous years…we had points built up to use to stay a night. We drove back and forth for every event/meeting we could attend for the Gaston campus from August 2013 until January 2013.

Are we sure?

Marcus joined the Parking Team and I joined eKidz. Several of the families opened their homes to us and we are still so truly grateful to each of them! Then around January 2013 my excitement was beginning to wear off because it seemed that we had exhausted everything we had financially and God will literally have to give us a MIRACLE to continue on either way. Meanwhile Marcus was still applying for jobs and we had to stop going to Gastonia because we could not afford to any longer. Then a job interview came available in Charlotte, and though Marcus had driven there several times to no avail, we decided to take this step of faith once again. By now it was February 2013 and I can remember praying for God’s will to be done with this situation because we knew He had called us to Charlotte.


One day that month, we finally got the job offer we had been praying for and by faith moved to Charlotte. We had no idea where to even look for apartments, but it had to be a safe area and quiet. We lived about 15 minutes away from the main campus, and believed that was the campus we were to attend. We started attending that campus March 2013 and still attend. This is The Butlers Elevation Story, and it continues…


4 thoughts on “Our Elevation Story…The BEST is Yet to Come!

  1. Antonia says:

    This is a true testimony of what God can do if you just believe in Him and step out on faith. That God may not be there when we want Him but He sure is an on time God that we serve. God is AWESOME!!

  2. Carly Voinski says:

    Love reading stories like this! I’m in NJ but have been to Elevation a handful of times. I have to say, God is doing some awesome work down there and how cool that you get to be a part of it!

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