The Fight of Complacency

Complacency: I define it as getting into a set routine that becomes so normal that you do not desire to change or even grow. Why rock the boat…many people may question. Complacency is often the greatest dream killer the enemy uses against us. It’s also detrimental to many other areas of our lives if we allow it to be present.

guy laying in grass

Are You Killing Your Dreams With Complacency?

For many years I would cry out to God to use me and to guide me wherever, but I wasn’t willing to change from my safe way of life. I worked an 8-to-5 job, had benefits, happily married, achieved a MBA, and was content with life as it was…until I desired more. I desired to be used by God. I knew I wanted more out of life that I was experiencing. I was complacent.

As I cried out to God it became apparent that in order to increase, I had to leave my level of complacency and step into a new level of change. Afterwards, I went through a time of change that has transformed my life. Don’t underestimate the pruning process. Change is often not enjoyable, but it will grow you and take you to a greater level. Don’t let complacency or fear keep you from achieving the goals and dreams you desire.

Are You Hurting Your Relationships With Complacency?

So many people want to be married. They cry out for a husband or a wife. They wine and dine the person that has caught their eye. Then after they “catch their prey,” they get complacent. They get into a routine of normalcy. I could tell in my own marriage that complacency had set in. The things that I did around Carol became normal. For example, burping or not shaving constantly. I begin to feel like I already had my prize, I don’t have to do all the wining and dining anymore. Can any of you relate to what I am saying? This level of complacency can be what tears marriages and other relationships apart. When I neglected to do the things that won Carol’s heart, I ran the risk of losing her. This works vice versa. Ladies do not neglect what got you the mad after you get married. As I shook and still shake the desire for normalcy, my marriage and other relationships grow stronger.

How To Step Out of Complacency?

To shake complacency, you take action to step out of what you have known. You will fight the urge to stay put and take a leap. Face fear and fight on! Will you take action today?


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