Is the Devourer After You?

lion eatingOne of the enemy’s greatest desires is for us to live in confusion and stupidity.  He wants us to be unaware of what he is doing.  The Bible says that the devil disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).  The enemy desires to confuse and deceive.  When Carol and I had to make some of the biggest decisions in our lives, we were often met with a great deal of confusion.  We were learning to hear God’s voice.  The enemy used it to keep us scared and from moving forward.
1.  Are the Voices Loud and Confusing?
I have come to learn that the Holy Spirit is calm and gentle.  He does not force us, but gracefully guides us.  Jesus called Him the Helper (Comforter).  John 14:26-28, Jesus operates in peace, anything else is of the devil.  Years ago the Lord told Carol and I to leave our steady jobs and our home that we were having built, to Trust, Obey and Follow Him.  O_o is the face we had.  Do what Lord?  LOL.  We had a peace about it, but when we tried reasoning it out voices came in louder and louder, drowning out the voice of the Holy Spirit and questioning our decisions.

  • Don’t move in confusion.
  • Only act in Peace.
  • Don’t Worry, you will not always be 100% sure.
  • Faith activates God, we must move in it.

2.  Do you Keep Questionable Company?
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17)  Have you ever noticed that you become like the people you are constantrly around?  You pick up their habits, sayings, and even their weaknesses.  In college when I hung around guys that always looked at porn, talked about sex, seeking the next girl they could “smash,” that became normal to me and was My drive as well.  If you hang around theives, don’t be surprised if you start stealing.  If you hang around hot heads, don’t be surprised when you start losing control of your temper.  If you start hanging around hoes, don’t be surprised if you start hoeing out or people start approaching you like you’re a hoe.  Thankfully, I decided to follow Christ and put Him first.  I had to let some friends go and change my connections.

  • Associations bring on similiarities.
  • Don’t think that you can hang around people and not be like them.
  • Hang around dogs long enough and your eventually going to try to bite a bone.
  • Keep hanging out with birds and you might catch yourself trying to fly. LOL.

3.  Are You Accepting those Things God Said Don’t?
Far too often we try to use scripture to support our sins.  There are numerous things God said don’t do or partake of.  Yet, why do people say “but we live in Grace now.”  That is the biggest cop out I have ever heard and the biggest lack of knowledge.  Just say I don’t want to stop it because I like it.  Just because God said it 5000 yrs+ ago doesn’t mean he has changed His opinion on it.  Especially those things He call abominations.  Jesus didn’t change God’s opinion on the matter or words.  Often times we find He made it more stringent. For instance, murder or adultery is now a heart issue and that if you hate a person in your heart it is murder.  In the end, the enemy roams around like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour.  We can open or shut the door to the enemy.  We must make sure we know God’s voice, cleanse our environment, and do not accept what God says to reject.  We must be alert and prepared.  I encourage you all that we are living in a glorious time.  Things may seem chaotic and hectic around us.  We must honor God and watch how God moves in our lives.

With Love,



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