The Rebel

angry baby

Rebellion.  This is a word that often makes me picture a revolt, mutiny, or a war.  An act that is bold and in your face, one that you see plainly.  Rebellion is these things but it is just as simple as saying no or deciding in your heart that you will not do something.  We often expect that enemy to come at us with a blatant attack, one that is not disguised or hidden.  Those attacks are usually smoke screens, decoys, illusions, distractions to get our attention off of the real attack, the enemy wants us to focus on the decoy.  Example, there is an increased awareness of police injustice, injustice in schools, marriages, and many other areas.  At face value it would appear that the enemy is attacking people in these areas and that is the area where we need to fight, but the real attack is much more subtle.  The enemy wants it to slip by us, he is trying to instill a stronghold of hatred, racism, rebellion against authority, and discord, which leads to a separation  from God.   If the enemy came at us with blatant attacks, we would know where to fight him at and would resist him.
The enemy cannot do anything unless he gets people to do it. What do I mean?  Adam and Eve, as much  as the devil hated them and wanted them out of the garden, he could not force them out, but if he could get them to separate from and disobey God (Rebel), then they would do it for him themselves, allowing him to condemn them afterwards.  If they would have never eaten the fruit the enemy would have remained powerless.  I bet you want another example…good, here is it.  Balaam was asked by Balak to curse the Israelites, but God caused him to Bless them.  Balaam wanted to curse the Israelites soooo bad because he could gain riches from the king, but God would not allow it.  Finally, Balaam came up with an idea to get the Israelites to curse themselves.  He told Balak to have the men sleep with foreign women.  Something that God forbid because it was fornication and the women would lead the Israelites to their own gods (demons) as a result.  Therefore the enemy could not do anything until he got the people to curse themselves and get from under the umbrella of God’s protection, to rebel against God.
The most dangerous attacks are not the ones plastered on Facebook and the news, instead it is the results of the Spirits that creep in because of it; Spirit of rebellion, hardened hearts, Spirit of Death, Spirit of Poverty, Spirit of Fear, Spirit of Doubt and many more. The subtle attack/trap, the covert attack is more dangerous than the blatant one.  The attacks cut deeper, last longer, and are much harder to fight.  The person has emotions tied with it, such as distrust, hatred, rejection , bitterness we must see the attacks for what the are.  We must open our eyes!!!
God desires to advance you this season and bless you, but your heart must be right.  Do not curse the authority over you and expect to prosper.  People hate, rebel against President Obama, the police, their bosses, their mayor, their husband, parents, and wonder why they cannot seem to break free of their struggles  It is time for that to stop… rebellion is called witchcraft in the bible, and it brings a curse with it.  It gets  you to curse yourself, something that as a child of God the enemy cannot do .  Honor those in authority over you .  You may not like or agree with them but don’t you dare rebel against them or speak ungodly about or towards them.  Now, do not be fooled. Of course God’s laws always comes first! Please we must honor those over us and be what God has called us to be so we can advance in this coming season.




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