Let It Go!!!

forgiveToday as I spent time with God.  I wanted to know what was on His heart and his answer was really profound.  It was FORGIVENESS!!!  The Lord began to share with Me that in this season He wants to advance and prosper many people but the bitterness and unforgiveness that they hold onto will keep them fromentering into this next level.  With so much happening on the Earth, racial tensions, hatred against authority, disdain,distrust, it is all leading to unforgiveness.  A Spirit of Bitterness.  If you hold onto anything (unforgiveness) don’t be surprised  that you are not advancing.
Any past hurts, pains, relationships…let it go.  Jesus Christ is the greatest example of this, while hanging on a cross face to face with His accusers, tormentors, beaters, mockers, scoffers, haters, those that caused Him SO MUCH PAIN.  He could have made the decision to hold onto bitterness, to hold onto unforgiveness.  He was at the point of transitioning, from leaving this world and being present with God the Father.  He chose instead to say “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  Wow…He so freely let that go, not just for their benefit but for His as well, if He had held onto it, He could not have gone to the next level, He could not have fulfilled His purpose, because He said “I only do what I see My Father do and say what I hear My Father say.”  Unforgiveness is not a part of God and Jesus would not have been able to advance, to go into God’s Presence with it.  So, I say to you, let it go.  I know with full confidence that God has great plans for you, the best is yet to come, you ain’t seen nothing yet, this season is your season, but if you do not let go of what is holding you back, if you do not forgive, you will watch on the sidelines as the Blessings of God pass you by.  Please, let it go.



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