Love Like Jesus Christ

Before I realized who and whose I really was,  I lived a life apart  from Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  I lived to please my flesh not God because that is what I knew and it was promoted among my peers.  People (the saved ones 🙂 ) often look at others in that lifestyle and tell them to get saved to accept Jesus, but behind closed doors those same ones are living like Hell themselves, talking about people, cursing at people that don’t do what they want, not truly loving people but putting on a facade of how saved they are and how long they have known Jesus.  I tell you, Jesus does not know them at all.  They are modern-day Pharisees, whom Jesus called a Brood of Vipers.  They get people saved but these same people begin to become worse than the Pharisee, putting on a front as well.

People need to be freed and delivered of their sin.  Of course they need salvation, yet afterwards do not leave the person prey to the attacks of the enemy. Teach them how to fight.  A sinner that deals with lust, perversion, addictions, theft, and then gets saved is now a saved person that lusts, or has addictions.  The sin of their past or previous generations is till prevalent in their lives.

So what purpose are you giving a person to come to Christ.  Sin feels good to the flesh, why get saved and have rules and struggle with what feels good?  We need to Love People of all types.  Salvation is Key, deep down people do not want to deal with the desires that separates them from Jesus, but they need help and a reason to come to Jesus.  We need people who are willing to Love on others, to step out of the norm and casts out demons, and walk with a person through their issues.

Are you living a life that can truly be a testament to who Jesus is and how He cares?  We need to be setting people free.  Free of their demons, their oppressions, free of religious attacks that have wounded them in the past, free of sickness and illnesses.   So many times I hear people say that was a part of the early church.  That is the biggest cop-out for unbelief that I have heard.  Fear has crept in and caused people not to move in the power and anointing of God.  We need to be the Jesus that people see.  Miracles and healings are not just a part of great stories told in the Bible, it is a vital part of today.  Stop living like Hell, telling people what they need to do and do it yourself.  We need to be Christ in world, setting people free.

Love as Christ Loves…


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