The Waterfall and The Cup


Many people are experiencing bad situations as if their cup is running empty.  So many times we focus on the emptiness of the cup instead of the abundant blessings of Jesus. Many people are standing right next to a waterfall of blessings and they are wondering why their cup is empty.  I tell you today, just put that cup under the waterfall and get your fill of abundant  drink.  The cup represents our lives, often times it may seem empty, unfulfilled.  You may feel like after all those years I should have accomplished more, you may be a mom who is frustrated with the kids and husband that is just not doing what you expected, you may want to work harder to make more money to get more things just so you can work harder to pay for those things.  It often times it is a never-ending cycle.  Your bank account may not be where you want it, you may feel as if you are helping everybody but nobody seems to want to return the favor or care about you.  STOP!!!  Take a breath and just open your eyes to the waterfall of Blessing that is in your reach.  How have you positioned yourself?  That waterfall is the blessings that God is pouring out for you, but have you positioned yourself to catch them?  So many times we move to the side and focus on the cup, the things we don’t have, or the things that don’t get done, instead of the things that truly matter.  Rejoice that you have children to be frustrated with and a husband, many don’t and would live to be in your spot.  Find that positive, then change your position to a position of prayer and time with the Holy Spirit.  If you neglect God, how can you ever expect to have a cup that is full?  Your cup will be empty and you will struggle and work aimlessly.  Instead, move under the waterfall (The Blessings of God, the Promises of God, the Favor of God, the Love of God) and RECEIVE.  God truly desires to bless you and many of you are blessed in so many different ways that you must change your view to see what you really do have.  God wants you and as you seek Him, He will make Himself known to you.  Please, just move under the waterfall of God’s precepts (commands, love) and under that you will find a joy that is unspeakable.  I pray these words challenge you today to take every situation (cup) and place it under the overflowing Goodness of God (The Waterfall) and watch Him fill you to overflowing in so many areas of your life.

God bless,



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