Corrected Vision

tunnel focusWhen my wife and I first got married, we learned something fast.  We both did not have the same vision (completely).  We both came into the marriage with our own beliefs and tendencies.  We had to adapt to one another.  Jesus said a house divided against itself cannot stand.  Genesis states that a man shall leave his father and mother, cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.  This is a great display and show of unity.  Marriage is a great example of the importance of having a unified vision and focus.  My wife and I had to learn to be united so that we would not be hindered.  We had to be united, to come together and become one.

So….how is your vision, how is your focus?  Are you and your husband/wife out of unity out of focus.  The greatest ploy of the enemy is to get the husband and wife out of unity, out of agreement.  When they are united THERE IS NO STOPPING them.  We only have to look to Adam and Eve to see how the enemy plans to attack the unity of the marriage.  The husband is to be led by Christ and the wife to be led by the husband.  To provide a covering.  The husband must desire to be led by Jesus, being united with HIM.  As a result, the wife will want to be led by her husband.  The key to this, is giving the wife a reason to follow.  When my wife sees that I am faithful to Christ, honorable to Jesus and our marriage, and value her option, she is more willing to follow my lead and submit to me.  I cannot expect her to submit to me if I am a tyrant, a cruel, ungodly man.  NO.. I must honor God and value the gift He has given me.  In turn she will trust me.

When we are united our vision is clear.  Each one of us have two eyes, but they operate in a united vision.  If our eyes saw independently of one another we would have blurred vision and walk in a lot of confusion.  So it is would our marriage.  We must first get in alignment, husbands must submit to Christ and in turn the wife must submit to the husband, creating a Godly unified front. Alright wives, I am going to let you in on a secret, one of the biggest needs of a man is to know that you (his wife) supports him no matter if he messes up, makes the wrong decision, you will not throw it in his face or say I told you s, but instead you will encourage him and say “Baby you can do it I am here for you.”  Men, we must love our wives and show them that they can be vulnerable to let us lead them, that we will not defile the gift they entrusted to us, which is their heart.  It is precious, never miss use it or defile that gift.

Once we operate in unity nothing nor no one can get in our way.  If you are not unified, will your fix your focus today and let Jesus unify?  Will you choose to make Jesus the center of your marriage and stand united?


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