Sow With A Purpose



Many people have the wrong connotation about sowing, either they sow and don’t expect anything in return or they sow because they feel pressure to sow.  Others just choose not to sow at all.  If you fall into any of these categories, I challenge you to have a new look on sowing.

God commands us to tithe so there would be meat in His store house and so that He will have an opportunity to Bless you.  Sowing is not about tithing, it is about going beyond the tithe and activating your faith.  You should be tithing before this.  Sowing is deliberately planting a seed and expecting a harvest.  No farmer puts seed into the ground without expecting it to germinate and grow.  No farmer plants a seed and says “well, if it grows it grows and if not then it wasn’t meant to be, I don’t need anything I just want to honor God.” Don’t ever plant seed (sow money) with that type of belief, because you will get just what you believe for, NOTHING!!!  Instead, when you sow a seed, sow it with a purpose and with expectation.  If you expect nothing you get nothing.  You must give your seed an assignment.  The Lord has shown me something wonderful about sowing.  He said  the ministry I sow into is the anointing I am able to partake of.  Meaning, if i am in need of healing, sow into a ministry that has a healing anointing on it, if I need faith sow into a faith anointing, if I need wisdom sow into an anointing of wisdom, money…etc…  He said direct your seed to where you want it to go and what you want it to produce.  Never again sow a seed without a purpose and without expecting God to Bless you in return.  This is not about using God as a slot machine, NO it is about Trusting a God that loves you so much that He desires to Bless you if you Trust Him to produce the harvest, but you must first plant the seed.  Your seed needs a purpose.  Will you Trust Him with your finances, with your seed today?



5 thoughts on “Sow With A Purpose

      • Lisette Defoe says:

        Thank you much, lifemoreabundantly. I like the pink flamingo on your gravatar. My island in the Carribean is known for Flamingoes. The island of Bonaire.

      • Soraya Rosaria says:

        Hi Lifemoreabundantly1… This is me, Lisette… Yesterday I changed my profile picture and username and the web address to go with my new user name, not realizing it could cause all my followers to lose me. So… this is me all over again… Content and topic remain the same. Teaching others on how to hear God and sharing my own personal journey with the Lover Of My Soul. If you still enjoy the posts, you can follow here now. 🙂 Keep up the good work always. Blessings…

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