Real Candy versus Toxic Candy on Halloween

Many of you will probably take your kids either trick or treating this Halloween or to a festival at a church, or will provide candy to trick-or-treaters. With all the options for candy, why not provide the BEST options for the little ones to devour.  The most well-known candies are the ones that are packed full toxic chemicals and there is nothing real about them. The chocolate candies, really do not contain as much “chocolate” or cacao as you think it does. You’re mainly addicted to the bleached white sugar and other chemicals that are in them. Then there are those other candies (taste oh so good) that say the contain real fruit, when on the ingredient list it does not mention fruit at all. Have you ever stopped to think what is the “artificial flavor” or “artificial anything” in the ingredient list was made of/from? Also, it is also know that the food coloring and food dyes are actually poisonous.

But hey, there are better options out there than stuffing your kids bodies full of chemicals (preservatives, artificial ingredients which are cancer inducing toxins)!  Below is a list of candies and other treats that are a MUCH better option. Some of you may question the price of the organic or natural candies…well my question to you would be: Would you rather pay a few more dollars for REAL treats now, or pay the doctors thousands later and possibly have sick little ones? I am not saying they will never be sick, but I want to make you aware of options that do not feed disease and actually tastes great too! Enjoy and if you have any other organic and/or natural candies you know of that is not listed, share them in the comments!

At Earth Fare until Nov. 4th, all Halloween candy is 50% off!

Organic and/or Natural Candies

For more information, check out Food Babe’s posts about GMOs and candy. Very detailed and helpful information!! Be safe and vigilant this Halloween!



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