Why Organic Food Is Best For Us

Since 2012, we have been eating mostly organic and natural foods. I must say that it has been the best decision we have made for our family so far. Weeks after we started eating that way, we started noticing a difference in the appearance of our bodies. For Marcus, he had a rash he had been trying to clear up on his neck for years and it cleared up! For me, we just had our second child about 4 to 5 months earlier and it seemed as if it was harder to drop the weight this time. After about 2 weeks of eating real food, I went back to my pre-pregnancy weight. My reason for sharing this information is because we want people to live truly healthy lives and easy the best foods possible. We are not doctors nor nutritionists, we are just two people who care about others and want to share what works for our family.

I also used to have issues with my digestive system. I would be constipated for about 2 weeks and then it would flush out (as if I had diarrhea). Maybe TMI but I know there are others out there that can unfortunately relate. I no longer have those bouts, and am so glad!

Unfortunately, the foods that most people think is healthy, really isn’t any different than the other food. Please believe, I have tried eating Special K, store bought granola, lean cuisine meals, etc. I still could not lose weight nor did I feel healthy. So what did you do differently…you may ask.  We stopped eating bleached foods (white flour, white sugar, etc), meat with pink slime (beef they sell in typical groceries), foods that contain corn syrup, etc.  Almost everything that is sold in regular grocery stores should not be consumed by humans. God does not need help with supplying food for us. Why should we consume pesticides and genetically modified foods…

We started eating organic foods and antibiotic-free hormone-free meat, wild fish, and grassfed beef. We shop mainly at Whole Foods, but we also get a few items from Earth Fare, Trader Joe’s, and other local groceries. Be on the lookout for more tips on healthy living, that we’ve found works for our family.


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