Don’t Go Round Hungry

Ever had one of those weekends where you honestly did not feel like going to church, did not feel like being around others, just wanted to do nothing at all? Well, that was how I felt on Saturday before church. So glad my husband, the spiritual leader of our home, decided that we were going and I knew that I would feel better afterwards. Though I just did not know how much of an impact the message would have on my life.

Earlier last week, the enemy had been tormenting my mind with thoughts of my pasts, things I never want to remember, things I wish I could erase. Unfortunately, because I never shared them with anyone, I had allowed the enemy to use those memories to keep me in bondage and maybe never really able to forgive myself or forgive others. After years of holding on to stuff I should have let go, I confessed them to Marcus and he was able to share some things with me as well. What a day of freedom that was for the Butler household. For those of you who are married, your spouse should definitely be the one person that you should share everything with and it be a safe place. Your spouse nor you should ever repeat personal and private matters to others when your spouse shares with you in confidence. That is a sacred place. Your marriage should be a safe place where you can be vulnerable with each other, pray for each other, encourage each other, and enjoy each other. (I do understand that this may not be the case for every marriage unfortunately, but this is how things should be.)
Back to Saturday’s message at church. Pastor Furtick entitled the message, “Starving Sons” but also shared a slogan from when we were kids: Don’t Go ‘Round Hungry”.  The message was centered around Jacob and Esau, and the infamous meal that cost Esau his birthright…his blessings.  Like Pastor said, so many of us like to look at Esau as if we would never have done that, but fail to realize that we have already, and some of us may still give away our birthright for a “bowl” of beans. Here’s my story.
Since childhood I had always wanted to live a pure and righteous life unto God. I swore I would wait for sex until marriage. But when I went off to college, and away from friends that had the same stance I had no accountability. Everyone else around me was living life as they pleased, and everyone else was getting the attention that I thought I wanted. I begin to “Go Round Hungry”…starving to be noticed, starving for affirmation.  Point 3 from the message was: Beware of the temptation to give up what you want MOST for want you want now.  What I wanted MOST was PURITY, but what I settled for was not even what I really wanted.  Esau, a hunter, claimed to be so famished that he gave up his birthright for a bowl of lentils. I was no better than he, as I foolishly gave away   my birthright (joint heirs with Christ) for mere regret and heartache.
How many of you can think of a time where you foolishly gave away your birthright for something you would not have even partaken of if you weren’t “hungry”? So do we have any hope that can crush the bowl that we willingly took from our enemy? YES! Jesus Christ, God’s only son, was sent to this earth to die for us so that our birthright could be restored and we can now be joint heirs with Christ! We can now have eternal life too.  When Pastor shared that our birthright can be transferred because of what Jesus did on the cross, I had a DUH moment (because I already knew that but somehow still needed to be reminded). All these years of beating myself up over past mistakes and failures, not just in relationships but in other areas too…and Jesus had already restored me when I accepted Him as my Savior. Of course I already knew this, but it hit me to the core so deep, it was like ammunition for me to use against the enemy when he tries to come at me with thoughts. Affirmation with God’s Word…there’s nothing like it!
Don’t go round hungry. Fill your belly with God’s word: read your Bible, pray, worship, hang around those who will lift you up and pray with you, for you!
So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to walk away from the bowl and get your birthright back?! Stop eating from the bowl, stop giving away your peace. Share your testimony because you may never know how much it can bless someone.
Listen to Pastor’s message here: Starving Sons!
Be blessed!

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