Say Yes to God


Are you willing to say “yes” to God, even when people think you are not being wise or smart? That’s exactly what Marcus and I decided to do beginning in 2009. After voluntarily quitting our jobs and moving to my grandfather’s house, we did not know exactly what we were in store for. It would be months later that we would realize that God sent us there to be in place to help my grandfather before he was unable to help himself any longer. To stop building a house and lose out on $1,000 down payment, was very hard. We wanted to honor and be obedient to God more than our mere desires and cares.

Unfortunately, this was extremely hard for our families to understand. Some were bold enough to ask us what were we doing, but most of them gossiped about us amongst each other. Sadly, instead of coming to us they questioned others about our motives and thought we were not being smart to do what we did. Seriously, it was hard enough to trust that we were following God’s plans for our lives, but to have our own FAMILY not support us made it even harder. Through it all though, our marriage actually got stronger. We both used to be people-pleasers, especially when it came to family. Enduring the trial of family being against our obedience to Christ, fortified our union and made us that more unstoppable. Marcus’ family, nor my family can come between us now…not even the least bit. 

So what did we do to keep fighting through the obstacles and other’s expectations of us? We continued to trust God, to pray and praise together, and to encourage each other. We knew we had to live our lives in obedience to Christ and not care about what others thought if it contradicted what we believed God was instructing us to do. We set boundaries and literally had to stop talking to some people because they were actually being a hindrance and not a help. We needed people that were supportive and that would pray for us. During this time, we felt similar to Joseph from the Old Testament. His brothers were jealous of him and did not understand why he was so favored. Though they wanted to kill him, they instead sold him into slavery. Every trial that Joseph endured, God turned it around for his good and he actually was set in place to help his family when famine entered the land. If it had not been for Joseph and for him forgiving his family, that could have died during the famine..he chose to be merciful instead.

Has God instructed you to do something that may seem crazy to others? (Remember: God NEVER contradicts himself…He is not a man that he should lie.) I challenge you to trust God and take that leap of faith. Its only you that will answer before God on Judgement Day, not Grandma Sue or Cousin Tina. You’ll stand before God yourself and be held accountable for everything you did and did not do that he instructed. Let God be your guide, he has the best and knows what’s best for you!


Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Prov 3:5-6


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