A New Season


I hope everyone is having a great start to this beautiful new year, 2013! We are doing well, and we have also had quite a few changes since our last post.  We knew it was soon that we would be going into another season of our lives, but we did not know how or exactly when. When it came, it seemed to accelerate and we had no choice but to move quick. When God instructs you to “go” it is in your best interest to take heed.  You could very well miss out on the very things he wants to do in your life. After a little over 3 years of being in the “wilderness” we have relocated to a new city and a new career.


While  in the wilderness we have learned much about life, boundaries, and relationships. We have endured some very trying times, and may not have always passed the test, but we are still here by God’s grace. So thankful for his new mercies DAILY!

Don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that we no longer have challenges and everything is perfect… What I am saying is that we NOW know truly who we are in Christ and we choose to obey His instructions! We have learned that if you do not set the appropriate boundaries with others outside of your immediate family, you WILL have issues. Learn to say “No”…and understand that it is ok to say “No”. I pray that this blog will continue to be an encouragement to everyone who reads it. May we all grow more and more in Christ each day!

Look for more posts about our continued journey very soon!




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