Messed Up Thinking

the idea!

I was sitting at the table one morning listening to what God was saying to me, taking notes, and writing what He spoke to me.  Suddenly, God began to speak Blessings into my life, telling me many wonderful things and expressing to me how proud He is of my obedience to Him.  When He told me how proud He is of me, I stopped.  I began to respond, “Proud of my obedience? God how can you be proud of my obedience when I have done this and done that and have not done this or that?”  Then instantly I heard it as clear as could be, it was not audible, but I heard it. God responded to me saying, “You have a messed up way of thinking.”  Now I am really attentive, hanging on every word, “God what do you mean,” and He began to explain.  “I am not looking for opportunities to punish you , but to bless you.  It is not My desire to punish you every time you make a mistake or don’t do what you ought.  That is not how I operate, I will correct you and choose to let you learn on your own, but it brings Me much more joy to seek out opportunities to reward you for the good that you have done.”

Then, it hit me… WOW God is right (of course). My thinking has been all messed up for years, believing that when I don’t do what God wants, He will quickly punish me and if I do good or what He instructed, He will just give me more commands.  I was always waiting for a reward or either expecting a swift punishment at every mishap.  Then I saw it clearly. As a Father myself, I would much rather bless my children then punish them for every mistake they make. If I punished them for every mistake they made, that will never allow them to grow into the Great Men and Women that God created them to be.
So, I ask you today. How is your thinking?  Have you been looking for God to punish you every time you don’t do what He says or when you fail to live up to the expectations that you think He has for you?  I was doing that for far too long.  Thank God He showed me my messed up way of thinking.  The heart of our Father is to see us grow, prosper, and blessed.  In the Bible the prodigal son did everything wrong and returned home to the arms of a loving Father that embraced him and rejoiced in his return.  Our God is waiting for you to seek Him when you make a mistake not run for fear of punishment.  Run into the arms of a loving God. He is waiting and willing to help you when you fall.  Please Change Your Way of Thinking.



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