Faith Tested….Still Standing!

Well, a couple of days before Thanksgiving Marcus noticed red “bumps” on our 8 month old son’s legs. I checked them out and initially worried (just being honest), but I noticed that he was not feverish and he was still being his happy self. Marcus suggested that we wait to take him to the doctor in the AM and I agreed. It did not seem like anything that would be too alarming since he was not feverish or cranky. So around 4 something in the AM, MJ woke up and was crying and he would not nurse (to my surprise). After not being able to console him, we took him to the ER. The doctor came and instructed for his blood to be checked, his urine, and to also have a xray done. He was not quite sure what was going on, and after a couple of hours he said it seemed to be something called HSP. Also his white blood cell count (WBC) was very high (22,000). All kinds of thoughts were going through my head because I had never heard of HSP and I was also wondering why his WBC was so high. (Though I wondered if the WBC was high because he was getting over a cold). Also, to see my baby have to endure all the poking and probing and to hear his screams were also a bit much for me. (Throughout the time there I was praying and singing worship songs).

After being in the ER for about 6 hours, we were instructed to go straight to his pediatrician’s office since he was more of a specialist for children. We went there, I told the nurse at the front desk that we just came from the ER and we were still seen LAST. (At the time I did not think about politely demanding to be seen next in line). After waiting for about an hour or so, we saw the doctor and he looked very concerned. He looked over the labs and told us that he wanted us to watch him for the next 48 hours and come in on the Friday after Thanksgiving for a followup. He instructed us to call the doctor that was on call if anything changed, basically if he was not being himself or the condition worsened. That night and the next day (Thanksgiving Day), I called the nurse because more red “bumps” were present and it looked like a big red rash was on the back of one leg. Also his wrists, hands, and knees started swelling. On Thanksgiving Day he awoke from one of his naps and started crying. I noticed that every time he bent his knees he would cry. So we gave him the Benadryl we bought the night before as instructed by the on call nurse and the swelling subsided a little but the pain must have left because he was back to being a happy bouncing baby.

So on Friday we took him back to the pediatrician and he looked him over and diagnosed it as HSP (click the link to find out more info about it) , sent us to the hospital to get blood work, and to fill a prescription for steroids. The hospital drew his blood (finally after the lady seemed to not be competent enough to do it) and called us to come back 15 minutes after we left because they did not draw enough blood. (I was thinking to myself…like really??? Why are you wanting to torture my baby boy??) He was definitely DONE with anyone that was in hospital garb!

Fast forward to now… The redness on his legs started going away about 2 days after taking the meds and was completely gone a few days ago Praise God! All honor and glory belongs to God! He gave us peace throughout this time and even when I felt my faith being tested, I knew He was right there with us. No we did not celebrate Thanksgiving like we planned (cooking the traditional meal without processed foods) but we were very THANKful that we were all living and breathing and we spent it together. It was a very trying week I must say, and I have come to realize even more that I absolutely NEED Christ every moment! Without Him I would literally be insane and would worry all the time.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving this year! May we never take our loved ones for granted…not even the little things! May Christ be forever glorified in our lives and may we find peace and rest in Him alone, in EVERY circumstance!




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