When Will It End

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it feels like the intensity of the attacks have increased, even the volume has increased?  Have you heard from God and know where He is leading you but where you are and where you are going have not connected?  Obviously, somebody didn’t get the memo, things should be easier than what they are right?  “I mean if I’m following God, then why do I have to go through all of this; did I hear God correctly, am I even in the right place, did I miss It?”  Great questions!!!  Many times God has to cultivate us before we can be elevated to a greater level.

God wants the best for us, so He is not going to throw us into a new level, a greater level, without the proper preparation.  Let’s look at Joseph, “when Joseph had come to his brothers, they stripped Joseph of his tunic [robe] … then they cast him into a pit.” (Genesis 37:23-24).  Joseph was attacked and thrown into a dark pit by those closest to him,  those that he trusted the most.  Ephesians 6:12 says that “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of the wickedness in the heavenly places”:  Basically, this informs us that our battle is not against the person or persons that are attacking, it is deeper.  I would say the enemy/devil knew that Joseph was special and that God had a great plan for Joseph’s life.  The brothers were susceptible to be used by the devil to get rid of Joseph because of their hatred towards him.  If you are being attacked right now rejoice because the enemy knows that God has great things for you, he will not attack anyone who is not a threat to him, who is not advancing.  Your family is coming against you, your best friend has turned against you, yet you continue to do what God has called you to do, then shout because the enemy is scared of what God is cultivating in you.  Joseph was taken from the pit and later wrongly accused for raping his master’s wife.  He was then thrown into prison.  Can you imagine how many times Joseph questioned God or how many times he wanted to give up?  The great thing about this story is that God raised Joseph up to a greater level.  Joseph was appointed to rule over Egypt, answering only to Pharaoh.  As a result of this new level, Joseph was able to save his entire family in the time of famine, while others perished.

God has to work in you before he can put you on a level with greater responsibilities.  The time in the pit and prison trained Joseph to hear God’s voice through time of prayer and seeking God.  The pit set Joseph up to be prepared to rule the kingdom.  Without the preparation he would never have been able to withstand the pressure or responsibilities associated with the great position of power.  God wants to put you in a place to reign but He must first prepare you for the task.

Are you in a pit?  Embrace it, seek God through it and know that God is  preparing you for great things.  As the attacks increase you can rest assure that what you are doing has caught the attention of the enemy, why else would he be attacking you.  rejoice through the attacks, they will only make you stronger, they will make you seek a closer relationship with God.  Remember that attacks come in order to get you off track, to get you to turn from God, but as you seek God they have a way of making you stronger. Turn to God and prepare yourself for battle, when the time comes you must be ready to act.  God has great plans for you. Are you willing to persevere and press on, pursuing a God that loves you enough to cultivate you instead of letting you fall down to be beaten and trampled upon, are you prepared for a great life, a great journey?  Seek God’s voice and let Him grow you into the person He has called you to be; Greater.

Much love,


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