When Our Plans Outweigh God’s Promise

How often have we heard stories or even seen examples of people that put more emphasis and importance on their desires or plans rather than on the promise of God.  So many times God makes a promise but the promise does not come to pass quick enough for the person whom the promise was given.

How do you react to the promises God has given you?  Do you find that you have waited too long or that in your wait you need to do something to make it happen faster, or maybe you have been waiting and waiting and you decide God must have meant something else.  We all deal with these scenarios while we are in the WAIT.  Turn with me to Genesis 16 and we can see a great example of this type of conflict.  In Genesis 16, God promised Sarai’s husband (Abram) that he would have a child, naturally the child was meant to be born through his wife.  The promise tarried and Sarai grew restless.  Sarai devised a plan to expedite God’s promise, she felt like the wait was too long and she would help God fulfill His plan.  So she suggested that her husband have sex with her maid and impregnate her.  When we do things our way, outside of God’s Will or Plan, there is always a consequence.  After her plan worked to perfection (resulting in the pregnancy of her maid), Sarai’s maid despised her.  This was a result of Sarai’s preferences outweighing God’s Promise or Plan.  Another result of her actions is that she blamed her husband for all that was taking place and the descendants of the maid’s son become a thorn in the side of Sarai’s son’s descendants, the son that God Promised.
So what do we do when we receive a Promise from God and we are tired of waiting or we see a way were we can make it happen ourselves?  Well, when we receive the promise that God has given we must rest in God and on His promise.  This is not a sit on the couch and watch TV kind of rest this is a get in God’s promise stand on His Word and commune with Him knowing that He has everything under control type of rest.  Even if  it takes longer than we think it should, we cannot rush the timing of God.  Who else knows what is best for us than God?  God’s worst is a million times better than our best, so we must let His plan play out in our lives and never our preferences (feelings, wants, and desires).  His promises must always remain superior to our plans.  We must learn to wait on God’s Promise.  In Acts1:4 Jesus commanded the apostles “wait for the Promise of the Father.”  When we rest in God we are showing Him that we trust Him and are faithful to believe that He will do what He said He will do.  1 Kings 8:56 says “blessed be the Lord, that [has] given rest [to] his people Israel, according to all that He promised: there [has] not failed one word of all his good promise.”  We must trust in the Lord and know that He will do what He said.  In Jeremiah 1:12 the Lord says that “He will hasten [His] word to perform it.”  The Lord is watching over His word making sure that it will come to pass in our lives, we must be obedient  to what He has called us to do in the meantime.
The wait is important because the Lord builds our strength in the wait, He builds our trust in Him in the waiting, that wait shows God whether or not we fully trust Him and if He can rely on us.  The wait is used to build relations with God to learn His voice, to recognize the whisper that gently touches our ear as He leans in to share with us what is oh so dear to His heart. Will you listen? Will you spend time with Him learn who He is and what He has called  you to do?  So that when He calls you will be ready to act swiftly.  We must never let our preferences or plan outweigh what God has planned for and promised us.
I pray that during your wait confidence will rise in you so much that nothing can stop you from believing what God has said He will do in your life and that you will be willing to wait seeking Him, preparing to receive all that He has to share and all that He has Promised you.

Love, Marcus


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