Unforgiveness ——> Let it go!

As I was sitting here spending some quality time with my heavenly Father, my attention went to someone I know.  A thought that I do not ever remember having towards her popped in my head… “Why don’t you pray for her?” I was taken aback a little because I have known her for many years and know a lot of what she has experienced in life thus far. I did not get mad at myself for not keeping her in my prayers but after realizing that I have not been praying for her I was put on alert.  I realized that I allowed our past conflicts and disagreements to linger, and apparently I had taken offense and it was not visible to me. How can I expect God to forgive me and send continued blessings my way if I cannot forgive his child? It is very dangerous and even harmful physically to hold unforgiveness against someone. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison but expecting someone else to die (via Bishop T D Jakes).

I am thankful that my heart was shown to me tonight because I only want to please God in every area of my life. I plan to make it my duty to pray for her when I think of her. Even as I type, it’s as if my heart yearns to see her prosper in every area of her life without any judgement coming from me. Though we may never be close, I still choose to pray for her and want nothing but the best for her.

Is there someone from your past or in your life right now that you may be holding unforgiveness against? If so, choose to forgive that person so that YOU maybe free and so you will not slowly die because of a grudge. Let it go!!

Father I ask you to please forgive me for harboring unforgiveness towards _________. I forgive ________ for ________. I thank you for your strength and for helping me show love towards everyone. I pray that you will bless ________ and he/she/they will seek you with their whole being. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Love, Carol



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