Blind Faith: Obedience is the Key

I felt a need to deviate from my relationship study and look at a step of Faith that Abram (later known as Abraham) took.

Genesis 11:31-32 explains that Abram and his wife lived with Abram’s father Terah in Haran.  Haran was a place of familiarity for Abram, his father and his family were there.  Many times we find a place that seems comfortable or familiar and we decide to stay there because the thought of leaving is too tough or cannot be fathomed.  Many questions may swarm your mind, such as: if I leave where will I go, how will I go, how will I survive, or  what I will do?  All these questions can hinder you from reaching what God has for you.

Here is where things start to get crazy.  In Genesis 12:1 God tells Abram “leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.”  What???  God just told Abram to leave the place he is most familiar with and go somewhere he has never been nor has any contacts in.  Abram must leave his father and home, the place where he has found security for many years, to obey the voice of the Lord.  I wonder how many people told him he was crazy, stupid, or that he could never make it out there on that kind of Blind Faith (believing/hoping in the unseen, trusting God because He said it).  

You must separate yourself from people that are constantly telling you what you cannot do or that you will never make it.  You have to align yourself with faith builders, encouragers; people that build you up not tear you down.  I can only imagine the thoughts that raced through Abram’s head and the questions he had; where should I go Lord, how will I survive, what should I do, how do I know I am in the right place.  I can picture God saying; I will show you, have faith in Me.  When the toughest trials and times arise in our lives, we must have Faith in God, mountain moving faith, Matt. 11:22-23, an unwavering faith.  Genesis 12:4 shows that Abram departed as the Lord instructed, it doesn’t show any hesitation.  Even if he doubted or feared the outcome of his choice, Abram had Blind Faith in God, he may not have been able to see the outcome or the result but he had a promise and an instruction from God and knew that the reward was in the Obedience.  We must act the same way.  We must stop lingering when it concerns the instructions of God. If Abram would have listened to outside voices or chosen to trust his eyes over God, he never would have made the step to leave his family, the step that would produce the greatest blessing in his life.  The Blessing is in the Obedience.

God bless, Marcus

My question to you:  What has God instructed you to do that you have put off because YOU don’t see how it can be done?  God is saying TRUST IN ME, I will show you, just GO.

Prayer:  Lord give me the confidence to Trust you, to follow your lead.  Show me where to go and obey you even when things are not clear.

Hebrews 11:6 – And it is impossible to please God without faith.


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