Its a New Year…Hello 2012!

I was contemplating on whether I should make a New Year’s resoultion for 2012 and decided instead of the typical resolutions I need to make it more personal for myself. So I am going to approach it from an individual, a wife, and a mother. I’m sharing this not only for accountability but hopefully I can inspire or motivate someone else to make changes for the better in their own lives.

Resolution from an individual’s stance:

  • Seek God first thing in the morning…every morning.
  • Increase prayer time and reading the Bible
  • Be aware of my facial expressions and attitudes
  • Pray DAILY over my husband and children
  • Pray for the leaders in this nation
  • Eat sweets in moderation and choose more healthy choices to eat
  • Practice the flute at least 30 min to an hour 4 to 5 days a week

Resolution as a wife:

  • Be more selfless
  • Pray over my husband daily
  • Be aware of the tone I used when talking to my husband
  • Show my husband love via his love language

Resolution as a mother:

  • Use more patience
  • Pray over my children daily
  • Show my children love via their love language
  • Be aware of my tone when talking to my children

And here’s the thing…I’m not going to beat myself up about messing up any one of these. I know that God’s mercies are new EVERY morning and if He shows me grace, then I should be able to have grace for myself. I may review this post in about a month just to see how I have progressed.

Blessings to you,



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